Today I’d like to feature the series of books ‘Tikoulou’.

We have some of them at home and I’ll probably try to complete the collection as time goes by. My son loves the adventures of Tikoulou and I think it is a nice way to tell him more about our island. It’s really nice for him to hear stories about places he knows such as Les Gorges or La Citadelle, as well as some he doesn’t know that well.




I love seeing the tidbits of our culture through the stories from the text itself or through the illustrations. It brings out long conversations about ‘gateau piment’ (chilli bites) or our extinct dodo, sugar cane plantations, divali or even ‘pirogue’ regattas.

Everything, throughout the pages, comes straight from his daily life and he can identify to those things. I would really recommend these stories for children of all ages.

There is about a dozen stories already and they are available in French and English in most supermarkets and book stores. Click here to go directly to their website.


Have you come accross the Tikoulou’s stories yet? Do you read them to your children? What do you like about them? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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