Two miscreants hiding in the Mauritian bushes…

While walking in Mauritian wildlife, you must be careful not to be victim to one of these two villains hiding in the bushes: the “piquant loulou” and “framboise marron”!

I’ve had my taste of both… and needless to say, I’m a tid bit more careful now while going for walks.


Piquant loulou

The ‘piquant loulou’, as it is called in Mauritius is actually the thorns of the acacia (similar to the locust tree I think). It is very common in the west of the island, but can be found in other areas too.

The thorns are quite long, about 4 to 6 cms long I would say, and two of them usually grow from the same spot on a branch forming a V shape.


Piquant loulou close up

They may form a bush of thorns, all over the branches.


Piquants loulou


My experience with this one goes way back to my childhood, when I walked on two of them at the ‘Pointe Koenig‘. They went straight into my foot at weird angles which made kind of tricky to take out. Thinking back now, it makes me smile but at the time it wasn’t so funny!

The burning feeling left by that thorn is not the most comfortable either!


Framboise marron

This thorn I did not know about until quite recently.

Looking at its size, you wouldn’t think that it’s a real threat. The tiny thorns are spread out on it’s vine like branches.


Framboise marron thorns


However, if you happen to walk in bushes containing these, they will do a fine job holding you back by grabbing at your clothes and may do a fine job scratching you ferociously too, as I did find out during a walk at Baie du Tombeau a while back.

During that walk, I also innocently grabbed one of its branches to hold myself while moving forward and got a tiny prick on my finger. So tiny that I didn’t think much of it at first… however just as the piquant loulou, this one also leaves you with a lasting burning sensation that is not very nice.


I can promise you, I now stay on the look-out for those when I’m out in the woods!


What about you? Have you ever fallen victim of one of these two fierce predators? Do you know any other thorn that we should be weary of? Share with us in the comments below.


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  1. What a beautiful sounding name (piquant loulou) for such a mean little thorn! Thanks Priscille for your sun-shiny updates that arrive in my inbox every so often :)

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