Waves at Tamarin Bay

Last month, while cyclone Felleng was passing at about 700 km to the west of our island, surfers and swimmers alike were thrilled to dive in the big waves for a day or two.


Waves at Tamarin Bay


We went to Tamarin Bay one morning to take a bit of fresh air and have a look at the waves.

Waves at Tamarin Bay


Waves at Tamarin Bay


Kids, youths and adults alike were enjoying themselves tremendously. Some were swimming in the waves…


Waves at Tamarin Bay


…while others used their body boards.


Catching the waves at Tamarin Bay


A little away from the crowd, a very young future surfer was learning the basics of balance with his dad. He was doing pretty well, considering his young age. He was probably about 6 years old.


Young surfer at Tamarin Bay


A little further from shore were some surfers having already mastered the basics…


Surfers at Tamarin Bay


… or trying to!


Waves at Tamarin Bay


After a while, a newcomer made a remarked entrance: a paddle boarder with his huge paddle board. We all watched with curiosity to see if he would be able to catch any waves with such a big board, and indeed he could!


Paddle boarder catching waves


While the water was still bubbling with activity, there was a different kind of action on the other side of the beach as an excavator was digging a pathway to try clear the sand-clogged sea pass.

Unfortunately, without rain to feed the river, I don’t think their efforts were very fruitful.


Machine digging La Passe of Tamarin Bay


I will end with a word of caution, once again, regarding this beach: even though it is a lot of fun to ride those waves, it is still dangerous bathing due to its waves and strong currents. Always be careful while swimming there.


What about you? Have you experienced Tamarin Bay during a cyclone? Do you get right in the waves or do you prefer to watch from afar? Share with us in the comments below.


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